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Welcome to the Coach’s Corner!  Our volunteer coaches play a unique role in the DTBA, working hands-on with DeWitt community youth to provide basketball skills and spirit they need to compete!

The Coach’s Corner is designed to assist our volunteer coaches in making sure our players have fun and learn as much as possible, while providing you with resources to help you with practices and gameday.  Here, you will find helpful links and various other items to assist in your coaching and gameday efforts.

DTBA Basketball Philosophy:

General Basketball Philosophy:  Mirror, as best we can, the Varsity Basketball Teams.

1.     What does that mean?  It means Man to Man Defense, fast attacking style of Offense, structure, discipline, complexity, accountability, and teamwork.

Parent Meeting:

1.     Have one – early.  Cover topics such as who you are, a little background would be helpful, do you have an assistant/do you need an assistant, etc.  Explain the 24-hour rule.

2.     Include practice rules such as – are your practices open to parents (if so, can they be talking/coaching from the sideline)?  Do they need to bring a ball?  How early should they arrive for each practice?  What happens if they miss a practice – should they text/call?

3.     Remind parents how important it is to be a positive influence at games and other local community gymnasiums.  Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated in the league and there is nothing more embarrassing then being escorted out in the middle of a 3rd-6th grade basketball game.

4.     Remind parents the commitment to DTBA needs to take priority over other sports.  Missing practices will result in possibly reduced playing time.


Practice:  Keep everyone active and learning during the time you are allotted.

1.     It is sometimes easy to dismiss the player who does not have the same skill or passion as others, but we expect all players to be involved in the learning of fundamental skills required to enjoy this game as well as practice game play.  The best coaches have more influence on the kids that need it most, not by how many points the most talented players score.

2.     If you coach at a higher level elsewhere, you will have to adjust your practice plans accordingly.  You do not have the same audience as you have at the higher levels and that can cause frustration for all involved.

3.     Have structure with written out plans that use up the entire hour of time you have.

4.     Be out of the gym on time.  Don’t linger with team meetings or coach meetings.  The next team needs to get in and get their practice started just like you needed it.

5.     Warm-up in the hallway, just don’t use basketballs.  Dribbling in the hallways is forbidden.

6.     Leave no kid behind.

Sample Practice Plan
Sample Practice Plan (2)
Basketball Breakthrough
Online Basketball Drills
ProSkills Basketball

Playing Time (managing game minutes):

1.     We strongly encourage equal playing time for all 4 quarters.  However, it is DTBA Board policy that every player receives equal playing time for the first 3 quarters in all games.  Playing time in the 4th quarter is left to the coach’s discretion but it is expected that everyone plays in that 4th quarter.  This policy applies to tournament play, as well as regular season games.

2.     Do not violate this rule.  The only exceptions we support is lack of practice time or attitude.  Give us a heads up if either of those become an issue so we can help head the situation off for you.

Playing Time Template

Ref Pay (instructions on how/when to pay referees):

Ref Pay Information

Scorebook Resources (how to manage the book):

How to Keep the Basketball Scorebook

Red Cedar Links:

Red Cedar Site
Scores Link
RainedOut Notifications

Thank you to all of our coaches for your time and dedication to these kids - it is appreciated!