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DeWitt Travel Basketball

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a competitive league?
Yes. Red Cedar/DeWitt Travel basketball is a competitive travel basketball league.

What grades are eligible to play?
Current year 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls are eligible to play. 

How do I register my player(s)?
Registration is completed online through our website (first-time users would set up their account by clicking the "Register" button at the top right corner of the page).  Once all player information has been entered/saved, you would then select a "program" (grade level) and complete the registration with payment.

Are there any additional forms to complete as part of the registration process?
There is a forms packet that will need to be completed as part of the registration process.  All forms, as part of the online registration process, will be provided to you in your confirmation email and will be completed through the link provided for your player.  All players MUST have these forms completed as part of their registration to be eligible to play.

Once your forms are completed, you will notice a few sections where you did not provide information - this is okay.  The DTBA does not require the submission of certain information contained in the Emergency Information & Consent Form (medical insurance information and physician information); while you will see this section in your completed forms, this information has been omitted as part of your submission and will be blank in the finalized forms. 

When are games played?
Games will typically be played on Saturdays with the occasional game(s) played on Sundays in DeWitt and surrounding communities. 

Are there tryouts/evaluations?
Yes. Evaluation details (dates, times, grade level, etc.) will be communicated through email and posted on our website.

When do evaluations take place?
Typically, evaluations will take place in early October for 7th & 8th grade girls, late October for 3rd-6th grade boys/girls, and early December for 7th & 8th grade boys. The exact dates and scheduled times for evaluations will be determined each season by the DTBA. Registration is mandatory prior to attending.

What are the criteria for placing players on a team?
We have an evaluation/tryout process. Board members and select coaches will be evaluating players. Participants will perform tasks and will be evaluated based on those skills and ranked for placement on a team.

How are players informed if they made a team?
Head coaches will be responsible for contacting players/parents upon the conclusion of evaluations and rosters formed (typically within a week or two following the evaluation).

When do games typically start?
7th and 8th grade girls games typically start the first part of November.
3rd through 6th grade boys/girls games typically start the first part of December.
7th & 8th grade boys games typically start the first part of January.

All games are scheduled by Red Cedar Basketball league. The schedules are typically released the week before their first game. Please refer to the Red Cedar League’s website and always use it as the source for game schedules.

Will there be fair and equal playing time for each player?
We strongly encourage equal playing time for all four quarters. However, it is the DTBA’s policy that every player receives equal playing time for the first 3 quarters in all games. Playing time in the 4th quarter is left to the coach’s discretion, but it is expected that everyone plays in the 4th quarter. This policy applies to regular season games, as well as tournament play.

Do players purchase their own uniform?
Yes. Uniforms are part of the registration cost. Uniforms are ordered and distributed after evaluations have been completed.

Is there a cost to attend games and what forms of payment are accepted?
Expect an entry fee in each host community where games are played and prices, as well as payment methods, may vary from one community to the next. In DeWitt, there is an entry fee and we offer concessions.  Please note – payment for entry to games in DeWitt and for concessions are by cash only; payments by credit card, Venmo, GoFan, etc., are not accepted.

How do you choose coaches?
Coaches will be selected based upon an application process. Preference will be given to those coaches who have previous experience with the program as well as coaching experience at various levels. The Board will make final approval of all coaches. Each head coach is allowed up to 1 assistant coach on their roster.

If we register a player and they choose not to play, do you offer a refund?
We recognize that, sometimes, things happen and a player may change their mind about playing in the upcoming season.  Should a player choose not to play, DTBA will provide a refund up to the point where teams have been formed and uniforms have been ordered.  Should a decision be made to not play after teams have been formed/uniforms ordered, a refund will not be provided (no exceptions).

If there is a snow day for DeWitt Public Schools, will a scheduled practice be canceled?
Yes. If school is closed, practice will be canceled.

Are there opportunities for me to volunteer?
Yes! We are always looking for coaches, assistant coaches, and Board members. Coaches can register through our website. If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please submit your interest through our email and an application will be sent to you for completion.

What should I do if I have a concern to share?
Please feel free to connect with a Board member (they will be in the DeWitt gyms on game days) or you may email the Board at any time.